Finally there’s a bra for that

The industry-disrupting, patented Posture Wings™ athletic bra comfortably supports your breasts, spine, and shoulders while allowing for freedom of movement.

It's a sports bra that helps with posture support, and keeps bones and joints in proper alignment so that muscles are used correctly.

The bra problem


During WWI, all steel was required to go to the war effort and corset manufacturing was banned. Women had to bind their breasts with a product called the bandeau.

Dressmaker Ida Rosenthal took the bandeau, cut 2 holes in it and added cups. She gave the prototype to her husband to finish designing.

The brassier was born and is essentially the SAME design today.

Over 100 years later, bra manufacturers claim that 80% of women are in the wrong bra size. In reality, the design is wrong for 80% of women!

Posture Wings™ athletic bra garments are engineered to leverage skeleton and muscles to  support breast tissue. The patented straps improve posture support while reducing bounce and pain. The combination of comfortable, effective breast support with posture positioning is a game changer!v

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original bra patent for the 1800s
original bra patent for the 1800s

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