Innovative Design

Posture Wings garments are engineered to leverage the skeleton and muscles to support breast tissue that's not anatomically supported.

The patented straps improve posture support while reducing bounce. The combination of comfortable, effective breast support with posture positioning is a game changer in athletic bra and sports bra wear!

Join the #metoobra movement!

Patented Features

Effective Posture Support

Four patented adjusting straps.

Four Straps

Helps posture and reduces the "dig" of two straps.

Comfort Side Panel 

Reduces compression on the rib cage and eliminates the need for underwire.

Longer Silhouette 

Slims and adds support to counter-balance breast tissue support the athletic bra

Technical Fabrics

Soft, breathable, wicking  fabrics to keep your sports bra cool and comfortable.

Front opening

No more struggling to with attaching small hook and eye.