Mary Fenske CEO and Inventor of the Posture Wings br

How Mary Fenske developed Posture Wings

Hi, my name is Mary Fenske, the inventor, CEO, and engineer of the industry-disrupting Posture Wings bra.

Many years ago, I was in constant pain due to injuries sustained in my youth. One morning I woke up and lost the use of my arms!

I began physical therapy where they diagnosed both the pain and lack of mobility as a result of compression on my neck due to my poor posture.

When I asked my physical therapist “where can I find a posture brace?” she informed me that no effective brace existed.

At that moment, I was determined to design a posture support bra myself that would help me and other women. 

As I researched the history of bras it became clear that the modern bra design is flawed, even harmful! I learned women suffer significant neck, shoulder, and back pain because we have fragile anatomy and dynamic breast tissue.

Several years of working with industry leaders in biomechanics, physical therapy, and technical garment construction lead to a breakthrough design that dramatically improves posture, tissue bounce, and reduces pain caused from Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS). 

The final patented design is a game changer and has even been honored with a Health Innovator Award.

Other awards include:

  • US Utility patent for smart apparel
  • Entrepreneur Grant
  • Top 100 in FemTech & Health Tech
  • Seattle Health Innovation award
  • HAX incubator in Shenzhen, China

As happy as I am about the awards, the fact this bra helps women reduce chronic neck, shoulder and back pain is what pleases and excites me most! 

Recently, I spoke to FORBES about why 90% of women complain about their bra.

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